Thank you to all my clients who continue to show faith in me by being diligent and committed to the process of my holistic therapies and services.

My reward is to achieve my life's mission. Their reward is to live with less pain and better health.

I share with you here some of their stories and look forward to including yours!

A non-believer converted after one treatment

Neelam helped my husband get rid of leg pain after an accident. He started treatment a non-believer but quickly shifted his opinion because he got great results almost instantly! Neelam is warm, reliable, always on-time. She knows exactly what to do to help her patients, and if she doesn't know, she finds the answer. We are both extremely pleased with the results of her treatment and are happy to recommend her.

- Shoshi Bacon, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

Relieved of chronic back, neck and shoulder pain

It was an emergency. I had acute pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back, and could not move, was on total bed rest. When I contacted Neelam, the response was great and I managed to visit the office and got the su jok therapy sessions, without needles or any type of surgery or any use of chemicals I got cured in five sessions and without much pain, or needles or any sessions with chiropractor...never seen such type of therapy, much better than acupuncture with amazing results. I also got the treatment of seed therapy along with this therapy which was very helpful in curing the chronic pain. Now i am pain free and cured. Highly recommend this therapy to anyone who is having chronic pain of any type. -Morris Louzia

Neelam's diagnosis was confirmed with a blood test

Neelam is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated professional who has helped me tremendously providing various treatments in reflexology, massage, nutrition, and exercise. She also was able to diagnose my condition using reflexology which was later confirmed with a blood test. After only a few sessions with Neelam, I felt a great difference, and now I’m able to have quality of life that I haven't experienced for many years.

- Ines Tulchinsky

Amazing Su Jok class!

Neelam developed a smart concise learning system that is thorough, practical and organized despite the seemingly endless and somewhat overwhelming amount of material. This class helped build in me the necessary foundation of knowledge to draw on to work on myself and others. Su Jok therapy can be performed under any circumstance and its curing effect is not only immediate but also proves itself from the very first procedure. I am grateful for her motivational, generous and good-hearted nature. Our success as students is important to her, it's clear it's personal to Neelam. - Anouchka F.

Felt relief after first session

"Several weeks ago I had somehow sprained my foot. I couldn’t even step down on it. I had already scheduled an appointment with Neelam for the following day. I called her that evening to tell her that there was no way I would be able to keep that appointment, as I couldn’t step down on my foot. She graciously said she would come to my home the following morning to treat me. She arrived and started working on my HAND and FINGERS. By the time she was finished I was actually able to put pressure on my foot. It was amazing. The recuperation time was also much quicker as her therapy reduced the inflammation dramatically. -Fran Yuras

An affordable, non-invasive solution

I went to Neelam because I had chronic pain in my knees after having ACL surgery many years back. Through her therapy sessions, we were able to identify the problem areas, work on them consistently, and over time, the pain in my knees went away completely. All the while, she was encouraging, friendly, and knowledgeable about the therapy. I would recommend her to whoever is having any kind of physical ailment and is looking for an affordable, non-invasive solution.

- Vaibhav Sethi

Really Effective Su Jok Tools

Thank you so much. Your tool products are a gift, and continue to help. Keep up the wonderful work! - Laura Quinn

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